I AM: Poems for Expansion & Renewal

Bask in words of comfort, expansion, declaration, renewal, and reconnection. These poems invite you to come home to yourself, heal, and embrace self-sovereignty and self-advocacy. And from that place of internal strength, renewal, and care, to explore interdependence and reciprocity as humans on this earth. Let these lyrical words accompany you into spiritual expansion and embodied advocacy.

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About the Author

Catherine Quiring, MA, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Self-Trust Coach. She lives in Pensacola, FL on the unceded land of the Muscogee.

She specializes in helping exvangelicals learn to trust their desires and reconnect to their inner wisdom. She also helps people-pleasers learn to trust themselves and recenter themselves at the helm of their lives.

You can learn more about Catherine here, and you can also find her services here.

About the Poems

They are written by a fellow way-finder coming alongside you on the journey of returning home to and nourishing yourself, and the world around you. Find rest in these lyrical words of renewal, reclamation, and reconnection. Then from the internal strength, renewal, and care that you created, explore with me the kinship and reciprocity we can create and restore with each other and the earth.

I invite you to settle in to the sacred space that these words create.
Let them become part of your declaration of self-sovereignty and self-advocacy.

I wrote these poems to help me navigate and center myself on my own journey of healing, restoration, and expansion. Now I want to share them with you. They are here to accompany you on your journey of self-nourishment, spiritual expansion, and embodied advocacy. They have helped me navigate my own journey and I hope they are a companion to you on your own journey.

These are the tender words that have accompanied my journey of deconstruction, reconnection to myself, and renewal. They have grounded me in self-trust as I released the survival strategy of people-pleasing. I hope they help you feel supported, known, and never alone on your own personal journey."

What's Included?

You'll receive a physical copy of the book filled with 29 poems for renewal and care. Plus, get exclusive access to the private playlist of the poems read by the author. Listen on the go or as part of a meditation.

Inside You'll Find:

Part 1: Psalms, spells, and declarations to ground, nourish, and empower you in your goodness & sovereignty.

Part II: Laments & longings, wonder & imaginings, to find new sources of inspiration & renewal, justice & care.

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