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I approach therapy with a simple question: 

"What do you want out of life, and what is holding you back from that?" 

This question, and your answers, is where we begin the journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

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To meet APA ethics guidelines and protect the confidentiality of therapy clients, reviews are provided by colleagues, followers, and/or coaching participants who gave consent to share their review.

M. H. Schuh

Catherine brings peace to those around her through her listening, the care in her eyes, and the questions she asks. She has helped me process difficult family situations and spoken encouragement and hope to me. I recommend her as a quality counselor who can help you if you just need encouragement through a dark season or years of support.

R. Warren

Catherine is warm and kind to all who meet her.  She has a demeanor that communicates you are cared for immediately.  She listens with empathy and compassion, and has been wise in her advice. She is dedicated to all of her patients and will work to do what is best for the patient at all times!  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a therapeutic path forward.

Elizabeth M.
Email newsletter subscriber

I really appreciate how you approach your emails/newsletter. I’ve subscribed to other newsletters that seemed like they’d be helpful, but then the content felt like it’s just a teaser for the course/product, and I’ve unsubscribed from those because they’re frustrating. Your emails are different: the content of your emails feels whole (you share the full extent of your thoughts), and any course would be a bonus/deeper dive. Thanks for being different!

F. Lloyd-Hawkins

I’ve known and worked with Catherine in a profession capacity for many years. Catherine served as therapist to an extremely difficult population of children who were forced to live away from their families for numerous reasons including severe neglect and abuse. In her role, Catherine provided services to our clients with compassion and empathy using a vast knowledge of therapeutic strategies.

Catherine identified and utilized therapeutic modalities based on the individual client’s needs and rooted in Trauma Informed Care. When clients were unresponsive or challenging during treatment, Catherine explored every opportunity to learn new and innovative strategies to effectively treat that client. As such, client was able to forge lasting bonds with each client under her care.

Catherine exemplifies the definition of a great counselor. She is pleasant, down to earth, reachable, and relatable. Catherine continues to learn, grow, and impact every young life she touches in a very special way.

It is evident that she has been called to this field and her work,  EVERYDAY shows it!

Dr. H. Baranowski
Director of Lydia Home Residential Program

Catherine is a competent, compassionate, and  well-rounded practitioner. She always goes above and beyond for the clients she serves and ensures that their unique needs are met. The care that she has for coming alongside people in their life journey coupled with her being easy to relate to, makes her easy to trust. She helps clients reflect on their life patterns, move through challenging areas, and find a sense of meaning from their experiences. Catherine is also passionate about training up and teaching others.

She is a strategic, learned, and wholesome person who  advocates for matters concerning the field and takes a systemic approach when addressing client matters. Catherine has had experience therapeutically addressing the effects of generational trauma and the impact it has on attachment, thought patterns, and self-perception. She has also addressed the way that trauma and experiences affect the body and uses techniques to raise more awareness to the way one internalizes their experiences kinesthetically.

Catherine has had an extensive amount of experience working with families and youth in foster care or who have gone through adoption.