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I approach therapy with a simple question: 

"What do you want out of life, and what is holding you back from that?" 

This question, and your answers, is where we begin the journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Come home to yourself.

Catherine Quiring Counseling

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

I want to give you the gift of belonging to yourself.  Of being yourself.  Knowing yourself.  Accepting yourself.  Believing in yourself.

Come home to yourself.  Come home to your body, your feelings, your thoughts, your goals, your desires.  Live out of who you are, not who you think you should be or others want you to be.  You are worth it.

You have the opportunity to decide what good things you want more of and what bad things you want less of in your life.

Counseling Services

What do you want
more of in your life? 

Counseling is not just a process of focusing on the difficult things in life. Rather, it is a journey of envisioning and living the things you want while overcoming the obstacles holding you back. The result? 

You finally leave the baggage behind. You find the comfort, courage, and connection you are seeking. You are free to move forward with your life. You can live the life you want.

Healing from Trauma

Just about everyone has experienced trauma on some level, whether or not you feel that your negative experiences rise to the level of "abuse."

No matter what you have been through, you can heal and move on.

A journey towards Personal Growth

Counseling is more than talking about difficult things in your life.  It’s also a process of envisioning and living into what you want and overcoming the obstacles that are holding you back.

It's learning to believe in yourself, accept yourself, stand up for yourself. It's learning to come home to yourself.

What do you want more of in your life?

Overcoming a difficult childhood

Whether your parents meant well and tried their hardest or not, you still may have some areas that need healing and attention.

Some of your childhood wounds may be the result of:

Envision what you want for your life.

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