Trust Yourself Again

Reclaiming Your Inner Compass After Leaving Evangelical Subculture
Are you an exvangelical who wants to trust your desires but don’t know how or if it’s okay?

Do you struggle to trust your perceptions of what’s true and good for you?

You can learn to befriend your desires, trust your perceptions, and live out of your inner knowing.

You are NOT alone. And you don’t have to do this alone.
I want you to know it is possible to leave evangelical ways of knowing yourself behind, and get to know all of the goodness of you.
Imagine how different
your life would be if you...
→ Really knew you were good inside
→ Knew that you are enough and didn’t have to shape shift for others
→ Knew that you could listen to yourself and trust yourself
This is all possible when you befriend your desires and reconnect to your inner wisdom.
Once you reconnect to your inner wisdom, you’ll notice other amazing things, like…
→ the shame, confusion, and questions you’ve held about yourself begin to dissipate
→ your self-doubt begins to dissolve as it makes way for self-trust
→ you know you can own your identity and your future
→ you feel more embodied and whole
Sound like exactly what you need to live more fully and freely?
Then I have just the thing for you!

Trust Yourself Again

Reclaiming Your Inner Compass After Leaving Evangelical Subculture
Trust Yourself Again is a course covering everything you need to know to begin
trusting yourself again.
You’ll learn the implicit evangelical messages that taught you it was not safe to trust yourself, have space to release them, and learn how to live into
the free and full life you can have now.
But most importantly, you’ll learn how to access your inner knowing
and finally learn it’s safe to trust yourself.
Here’s everything you’ll experience during Trust Yourself Again:
Here’s what others are saying about this workshop/working with me… 

"I wholeheartedly recommend working with Catherine Quiring. One of the traits I most appreciate about her is her willingness to truly understand clients from a place of cultivating growth. Her tenacity and enthusiasm to keep learning more about healing and self-trust speaks to her commitment not only to her clients and the therapeutic/coaching relationship, but also to her own personal growth. She is warm, inviting, has a great sense of humor, and provides a judgment free place to be yourself!" -Shahana Hanley, MA, LCSW

Here are the details…


Trust Yourself Again Course: An in-depth course teaching you
how to trust your inner knowing.


Course content available right away. Work through the content at your own pace.

Additional options:
1. Community membership to work through this process together.
2. Weekly group coaching available on Zoom for 6 months.


This workshop will be led by me, Catherine Quiring. 
I’m a Self-Trust Coach who helps exvangelicals learn to trust
their desires and reconnect to their inner wisdom.

I have used the basics of my “Trust Yourself Again” framework
to help clients trust their inner knowing.
Now, I’ve bottled up everything I know about Trusting Yourself
in this in-depth training so you can also reconnect to your inner wisdom.

What else?

Your registration to “Trust Yourself Again” includes:

One complementary
1:1 coaching session

Optional upgrade: Online community to process the course material and heal together.

Extra resources and readings to deepen your understanding and enhance your experience

Over 40 course lessons designed to bring you clarity and healing

Optional upgrade: 
Weekly group coaching sessions

Ready to leave your evangelical burdens behind?
Join “Trust Yourself Again” and discover everything you need to begin trusting your inner wisdom


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"Catherine Quiring is amazing. You will never regret working with her. She is compassionate, bold, and insightful. She not only exudes light, but knows how to help you find your own inner light and inner compass. She knows what it's like to grow up evangelical and how to find peace, healing, and self-trust on the other side. She can help you make sense of why and how you experienced religious trauma, and learn how to come home to yourself. She combines both professionalism and realness to meet you where you're at." -Tamara Driskell

"Catherine is the ideal coach and counselor. Her demeanor allows for safe inner exploration and engagement. She sees the absolute best in people and always helped me to stay curious about my own needs and experiences, pinpointing cues and answers when they arose. Her presence and insight are calming and energizing at the same time. She brings a wealth of knowledge and education to the table with zero intimidation factor. My growth was exponential with her support." -Frances Cutshaw

Ready to Trust Your Inner Knowing?

Join Trust Yourself Again and discover everything you need to befriend your desires and trust yourself again


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Ready to Trust Your Inner Knowing?

Join Trust Yourself Again and discover everything you need to befriend your desires and trust yourself again

$125/month (6 months minimum)

Additional Options:
$25/month group community AND $200/month group coaching

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