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"What do you want out of life, and what is holding you back from that?" 

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October 21, 2020

Calm and Comfort in Turbulent Times

This year has been hard. We have all been weighed down by the weight of our personal struggles, the chaos of our nation, and the world pandemic.

Calm and comfort.

We’re living in turbulent times. How can we experience some calm and comfort in the midst of the uncertainty and chaos?

I recently read this story about rescuing sheep that I found illustrative:

Sometimes a sheep accidentally takes a plunge into the water. Its wool soaks up the water and gets so heavy it’s almost impossible for a person to drag the sheep out. A farmer shared how he responds: “People always want to rush things. They want to solve all problems, and they need to solve them NOW. What I do is the opposite. I do practically nothing. I get into the water and let the animal lean on me. I can sense when it gets calmer. When that happens, the sheep takes a leap and scrambles ashore all by itself. I only give it the tiniest push.”

Let’s apply this story to ourselves

This year has been hard.  We probably all feel like that sheep, weighed down by the weight of our personal struggles, the chaos of our nation, and the world pandemic.  There is much to feel and so much to do.  Maybe the best action to take is to hold and calm yourself and those around you. Out of that, you will have the strength and clarity to take the action that is needed.  Be gentle with yourself.  Be your best ally.  Take care of yourself.

I am about to go on maternity leave so it will be a few months before I write again.  As I leave, I want you to remember to check in with yourself:

1. What am I feeling?
2. What do I need?
3. Then, what is mine to do?

Shepherd story: Debbie Mirza: The Safest Place Possible
Phedra Smith: first two questions – What am I feeling and what do I need?
Suzanne Stabile: What is mine to do?