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I approach therapy with a simple question: 

"What do you want out of life, and what is holding you back from that?" 

This question, and your answers, is where we begin the journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and manage your energy states, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that are acceptable and produce positive results such as well-being, loving relationships, and learning.

This occurs when your thoughts, emotions, and behavior feel out of control.

The Hurt

There are many different ways to address anxiety and overwhelm. You can calm your anxious thoughts and decrease over-thinking. You can ground yourself in the present. You can help your body calm down. Below are resources for all of these things to help you in those moments where you feel overwhelmed. Then, let’s explore what’s under your anxiety so that it is triggered less frequently.

The Healing

(Link to the problems sections. Include videos of coping skills. I can share them through my youtube, dropbox, or facebook. I think I have them in all 3 places. I also have a pdf of cutting resources I think would be good to share but I don’t know where it came from so maybe we can talk about copyright issues and how to update to make it my own.)


These are resources I recommend exploring on the topic of



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